Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Intensive Restoring Lotion


Size: 250ml

If your skin feels overheated or dried out after sun exposure and needs soothing and hydrating then Garniers After Sun Intensive Restoring Lotion is for you.
Enriched with hydrating agents and cactus extract, it provides intensive moisturisation, soothing and softening dry skin to help minimise peeling. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated for 24 hours.
Unlike your normal moisturiser, intensive restoring lotion is specially formulated to rebalance skin that feels dry and over-heated after sun exposure. The rich soothing formula instantly relieves sensations of tightness caused by sun exposure.

Dermatologically tested Intensive restoring lotion.

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Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Intensive Restoring Lotion 250ml(FREE DELIVERY)

Dermatologically tested Intensive restoring lotion

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